Decoupage Hair Explained

In this tutorial, you can learn how to decoupage hair using ValVar’s blue decoloring powder. To order ValVar’s products, please contact 02188850226, and to join our classes, please call 09375145783.


Greetings. I’m Anousha Shafi’e. Since we’ve received many questions about decoupage, which is the process of removing color from hair, I’ve decided to dedicate this video to answering your question about this subject. We’re going to use ValVar products to achieve this end.

When your client doesn’t like to use liquid removers or if they are not available, you can use ValVar’s decoloring powder. This powder will not create foam or bubbles when mixed with oxidant and will not release the least amount of free particles. To continue, separate the client’s hair, put the hair on Meche and apply a mixture of Valvar’s blue label decoloring powder and a oxidant with nine percent potency. The meche will increase the heat and will help remove the color from the hair slowly.

To have a better result, you can add some removing powder to our mix. This will give the formula more potency and the dye is easier to remove. You can also add different types of Plex to your mix to strengthen your client’s hair. During our tests, using this product we succeeded with removing black and wine color dye from client hair, without causing damage. This however, doesn’t mean that you can bleach the hair at once. You might need to perform this procedure two or three times to reach the desired level of bleach.

There are two types of decoupage. Complete decoupage and partial decoupage. When the client has a black or wine color dye, we need to perform a complete decoupage. However, there are times when the hair is grown at you need to work on the stems or at the bottom of the stem only. Be aware of the areas you need to apply the remover.

Because of the blue grains used in ValVar’s decoloring product, it can easily remove yellow and orange colors also. Therefore, if the client’s hair has enough Cortex liquid and is not dry and fragile, you can remove a bigger portion of yellow and orange dye from the client hair using Valvar’s blue powder. If the client has multiple black, wine or dark blue dye process done on their hair, it’s unlikely that we can reach a complete bleach with one bleaching process. Still we can reach a level five or six without damaging the hair and then apply a suitable dye for that bleaching degree. Daphne color is one of our best options.

ValVar’s products have truly elevated the quality of cosmetic work by its products and I want you to also try them and find out for yourself. To join our classes and to learn the latest techniques of the year, please call the numbers in the description. You can also call the provided numbers to acquire ValVar products. Goodbye.

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