Ombre Microshading Explained

In this video, you can learn how to do an Ombre micro shading. If you’re interested in joining our classes over at Salary Beauty salon, please contact us using 09339219974.


For an Ombre eyebrow micro shading, first, we have to form a graph for the eyebrow. Start from the edge of the eyebrow. The eyebrow must be separated into three parts.

For the first part of the eyebrow, we’re going to use a small needle and for the rest of the eyebrow, we’re going to use a magnum blade. Let’s clean the part we worked on. As you can see the color has entered the tissue.

When we’re done working on the first part of the eyebrow, we’re going to change our blade and use a magnum blade. Now we’ve changed the blade and we’re going to continue. After every bit of work, you have to clean the area to be able to see which parts still require more work.

As you can see, we’re moving from dark to light slowly. Our work on the first part of the brow is not done yet. As you can see there is absolutely no bleeding.

We’ve finished working on the first part of the eyebrow. Now we’re going to work on the line of the eyebrow. The pigmentation should be a little lighter on this area. You should tune your hand and try to fade the color to get the best results.

For the third part of the eyebrow, I’m going to change my blade again. Here the pigmentation must have a bit more density.

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