How To: PhiBrows Eyebrow Tattoo

To get started in brow hachure, a drawing pencil and a needle will be needed. First apply the numbing cream on the eyebrows. Once the skin is thoroughly numb, start designing the brows.
Start applying the colour pigment and wait for it to be fully settled when you have finished inserting the hair strokes. Then wipe the colour off the skin and start the hachure once again on it. Repeat the same process after 15 minutes. You can find the step-by-step procedure in the video below.


Hello everyone, I'm Elahe Nasiri the administrator of HONAR-E-SHAYGAN beauty care institute. Today I'm gonna teach you eyebrow micro-blading which is known as PhiBrows:
Microblading is a manual technique of eyebrow drawing in which tiny hair-like strokes are tattooed in the brows. and the strokes are drown in the direction of natural hair growth. and the primary difference with micro-pigmentation. is that a specific device is used for pigmentation. while microblading is done using drawing pencils and blade needles. which these needles are specifically used for this purpose and you will see how they work in this video.

To get started, first of all we made the area numb using local anaesthetic in the form of cream. after 30 to 40 minutes, wipe off the cream with a cleansing serum. Then begin designing and calculating the eyebrows symmetry. pick the blade and go ahead by drawing the hair strokes. draw the first round of strokes to make the base hachure on the brows. you better wait for approximately 15 minutes till the pigment is settled in the epidermis. now wipe the brows with a cleanser. again start drawing on the previous strokes that you had drown to make it more lasting and look thicker in colour. wait for another 15 minutes. now in the third step, start filling the spaces between the hair strokes and try to fix anywhere in the eyebrow that may have been omitted. once again wait for the pigment to settle and after 15 minutes, the treatment is all over.

This tutorial has come to an end right now. post-treatment care includes:
use eye vitamin A for a week after treatment. That is a fully sterile vitamin which causes no infection on the skin. avoid activities that make you sweat as much as possible. so that it wouldn't wipe off the brow. Stay away from swimming for a few days. as the Chlorine gas may damage the make-up. Guys, we're finished with today's instruction. I do hope it has been useful for you. We will be glad to have you in our instruction classes. See you all later.

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