Eyebrow Hachure Training With Microblading

In this educational video from Rojelab series, you will see the microblading and eyebrow Hachure taught by the Ms. Shaghayegh Ganbari, a specialist in micro-pigmentation and microblading. For more information and to attend classes, call 09125958369-02126765475.


Hi, My name is Shaghayegh Ghanbari.

Micropigmentation artiste and instructor.

Today we want to teach eyebrows Hachure with Microblading technique.

Microblading is necessary for people who need daily makeup or the people which their eyebrows strands stop growing for any reason.

Microbalding is a small handheld tool made up by several tiny needles. There are 2 kinds of blades: "Slow" and "U" blades.

I advise you to use U blades.

The color is not important, Just try to choose a color which is based on water.

You must pay attention to your combination for preventing colors from drying. Remember the color combination so that if needed you can re-create the same combination.

We don't need anisotropy for Microblading so we continue. you can use anisotropy after round one finishes.

Microblading is not good for those people who have oily skins because oily skin has less durability and tonality. So the suitable cases for microblading are normal and dry skins.

When round one is over, you must wait for 3 or 5 minutes for the color to penetrate into the created channels.

Then we start the second step. if your hand pressure is too much, your skin may tear and if you have too low pressure the result may look unnatural.

Microblading's durability is between 6 months or 1 year. It depends on the skin type, the color that you choose and your level of skin care. it may be different for everyone.

For the best result, you shouldn't wash your face for 3 days, and for 10 or 12 days you can't use cosmetics.

You should not color your eyebrows because it has oxidant and may eliminate the tattoo.

Also, you shouldn't go to any pool and spa for 1 week.

If you feel dryness you rub some oil but use it only for the first 3 days. you can apply vitamin A cream or Vaseline.

I hope you've enjoyed this video.

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