How To: Lips Cosmetic Tattooing

To get started, apply the numbing material and wait for 40 minutes till the area is fully numb. You better begin depositing the pigments from the V-shaped area on the upper lip.
You may pick a 1 power or flat needle. Just note that your hand angle is of utmost significant in this treatment.
Below you can watch a full video of lip micro-pigmentation.
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Greetings to every one of you followers of Rojelab website. I'm Maryam Sadoogh, a micro-pigmentation expert. with over 12 years of experience in this career. Today I'm gonna teach you the lips micro-pigmentation technique. We applied the numbing material and waited for 30 minutes. so stay with us. For lips micro treatment or lips contouring, it's better to begin from the V-shaped part on the lip. the right angle, using a suitable needle and an appropriate technique are of utmost importance in this treatment. you can use a 1 power or a flat needle. but also it depends on what technique you wish to use. note that you shouldn't put so much pressure that the lip starts bleeding. because it reduces the lips colour absorption. and the most correct move of the needle for lips contouring is the tapping technique. well, we're done with the upper lip treatment. now we wanna begin working on the lower one. we'll renew the the numbing material and then resume the treatment. very well guys, we're done with the whole lip contouring treatment. Don't forget to remind the clients about the post-treatment care. they should take vitamin A pills for a week and avoid letting the lips get wet for 3 days. In order to receive the vocational certificate and attending the micro-pigmentation in PhiBrows method courses, you can get into touch with us through Rojelab website. Thanks a lot for watching us.

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