How To: Add Volume To Your Lips

In this tutorial, you will see how you can give your lips more volume using makeup. This video is provided by Viona Beauty Academy. To join our classes, please contact us at 09356000743 or 02177431560.


Greetings. In this tutorial from Viona Beauty Academy,
We will show you how to add more volume to your lips using makeup.

First, apply cream powder on the lips and dry them using pancake. This will fade the natural color of the lips and bring them closer to the color of your skin. Use a white opaque pen to draw above the lip line. This will make the lips look plumper. After drawing the line, fade those using fingers.

Draw the lip liner, below the white line and on the borders around the lip. Draw a brown line on the middle of the lower lip and then fade it slightly. The best makeup to use in order to make the lips look plumper is opaque colors. Otherwise, the reflection of light from the lips will make the work look unnatural. Therefore, choose an opaque lipstick in harmony with the lip liner and use it to fill the lip except for the inner part of the lips.

To give more volume to the lips, use a lighter lipstick or a bright highlight for the inner parts. At the end, you can use a white pen or a light concealer to hide any defects.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. To join our classes, please contact our consultants over at Viona Beauty Academy.

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