How To: Classic Russian Style Eyelash Extension

Before getting started, the lashes must be thoroughly cleansed so that it is free of any make-up and impurities. Then apply the primer to reduce the oiliness of lash. Now place a pad on the lower lashes to avoid touching the upper lashes as well as the glue.

In the classic method, individual lashes with different thicknesses are used. Try to separate apart the natural lashes with tweezers and attach each false lash to one natural lash. If you care to have fuller lashes, you may apply the volume doll eye method.

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Hello everyone, I'm Maryam Sadoogh. I'm a stylist with more than 12 years of experience. what we're about to teach you today is a Russian classic eyelash extension method. so stay tuned. In the first step, you must make the area free of any make-up with a kids shampoo. Then we need to use a primer for the lashes. the primer or the anti-fungus kind of cuts the oiliness of the lash and makes it prepared for the treatment. after the primer, we place a pad on the lower lashes to fully cover them from the upper ones. We put crystal clear tape on the pad so that the upper lashes won't stick to it. and we can work more easily. in the classic method, we attach one false lash to each natural lash in different thicknesses. the thickness depends on the strength of each natural lash. first make the lashes apart using a second tweezers.

Hold one base natural lash and attach one false lash to it. make sure the lower lashes are completely apart from the upper lashes. be so much careful while applying the glue on the lash, avoid touching the glue on the lid skin. cause it might cause allergies on the lid. hold on for a few seconds till the glue is dried on the lash, so it won't stick to the adjacent one. I'm applying a D curl 1.5 thickness false lash. you better use longer lashes for the outer corner upto the middle. If we do so, as we move to the inner corner the lashes look shorter and makes the eye look more natural. For the clients having ptosis ( lids falling ). you can stretch it upwards from above the brows and hold it with a tape. Dear pals, to get a better result after the treatment. you better brush the lashes after every 0.5 cm of implanting, so they become well apart. use the tweezers to gently make any sticking lashes apart.

Since it is a lengthy process, I'll be back to you when I'm done with the treatment. Dear pals, we have almost reached the middle. As you can see, we have fulled half the lid length. Make sure the lashes are apart from each other, so no damage is made to the natural lash. all the lashes are separated. each false lash is put on just one natural lash. brush a bit to arrange them in order and then carry on. as you see, we are all done here. the difference from the other eye is noticeable. This method is called a classic Russian extension. If you wish to have fuller lashes, you can use the doll eye volume method. If anyone of you is keen to receive our services or attend the classes. you may contact us through the phone numbers.

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