Learn How to Braid Your Hair

In this educational video from Rojelab series you will find a kind of texture named Sailor Hair Texture.


We are here teach you a technique on a sailing model of weaving from Viyona educational Team.

It is better to do the brushing before starting to weave.

This model of weaving can be done on every part of the hair
even you can use it on pony tail hair.

Initially, separate a part of the hair to divide into 3 equal layers.

And start a simple weaving style from above or beneath.

This simple weaving can give you a style of sailing model
I am weaving from beneath now
when we reach the end of the weaving, take one of the 3 layers and move the weave from bottom to top slowly and adjust the distances.

We can weave the other part of the hair from the other side and join both parts at the back of the head
I hope you have enjoyed this video.

For participating in educational classes you can call Viyona Team of educational counselors.

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