Overview Of Different Hair Loss Treatment Techniques

In this tutorial, you’ll learn more about hair loss and different ways to treat it. This video is provided by Mrs. Iramlou from Iramlou Scalp Treatment center.


Greetings. I’m Maryam Iramlou. I’m an expert and instructor in scalp treatment.

Hair loss is a common problem affecting a large percentage of people. Let’s talk about what hair loss is and how much hair loss a day is natural. Everyone experiences some hair falls during the day. One hundred strands of hair loss during the day is natural and will be replaced. However, if you see a larger number of hairs fall, you will suffer from loss of hair volume after a while.

There are differences in hair fall between men and women. Baldness is rare for women, but the volume of hair decreases across the scalp and the strands get thinner and weaker. It’s different in men. For men the crown or the back of the head becomes bald but the side of the head and above the neck, you see less hair loss. These areas are sometimes called “hair banks” and sometimes the hair is taken from these places for hair transplant procedures.

There are different methods for hair loss treatment that works differently on each person. A few of these methods are Minoxidil, Mesotherapy, PRP injections, and hair transplants. These methods might not have the same effect on everyone. There are other methods to cover baldness temporarily. Many people use this type of treatment to hide the area affected by hair loss for a short time. These methods include using powders, prosthetics, and extensions. It’s important to remember each of these methods also has shortcomings. For example, Toppik powders contain chemicals which can cause allergies or even cause further hair loss if the product is used for a long time. Extensions add a wait to your hair, and since the hair becomes heavier, it could cause hair loss by pulling the strands out of follicles.

What I want to introduce here, which is considered a semi-permanent method, is scalp treatment. Many have favored it during recent times. This method aims to cover the empty spaces on your head. During the process, organic pigments are injected under the skin using a medical device causing small dots very similar to hair follicles, hence covering the bald areas on the scalp. The optical illusion caused by this method makes the hair look denser. Since this is a semi-permanent method, the patient must go through a restoration process every year. Nevertheless, during that time, the hair looks much denser than it really is.

This method doesn’t have any side effects and does not damage or affect your hair and can easily help you solve your problems with hair loss.

This tutorial is now over. I hope you have enjoyed it. For more information, or to receive consultancy, please call us at the numbers in the description. Until next time, goodbye.

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