Nose Lift Without Surgery

In this tutorial, you will see a non-surgery nose lifting process in action. This video is provided by Mrs. Faeze Jafari. If you are looking for the latest tattoo and micro-pigmentation methods, please contact us at 09121962430.


Greetings. Today I want to show you how we can reform a noise using nose lift. My client has had nose surgery before, but after that, her nose was broken. Now we want to do a lifting procedure using the three-point lift or three-point correction. During this process, we try to correct the shape of the nose in three points.

There is a depression point here that we have to fill. There is another depression here. My client would also like to lift the tip of the nose slightly. Let’s mark this point as the point where we have to apply the lifting.

We’re going to use a filler here. We have applied an anesthetic thirty minutes prior to the process. It’s completely painless. It usually doesn’t require any special maintenance either. Just avoid using glasses for a week or sleeping on your face.

Some people ask if this procedure is dangerous. The answer is since this process mostly takes place on the bridge of the nose, and there are no major veins to cause an embolism, the procedure is safe. There is only one major artery in this area called the angular vein which goes through the side of the nose, so if you’re going to inject the nose in that area you must be careful to inject the nose in the correct place. However, there will be no issue when working on the dorsum or bridge of the nose if you are using the correct filler.

As you can see in the video, you might have an inflammation the day after the injection. It depends on the nature of the body. You might experience the inflammation for three days to one week after the process. There are rarely any bruises. Some people ask how long it will last. I can say it will have a good lifespan after one or two restoration processes.

This is to lift the nose. We try forming the correct shape and all the angles that should be considered when doing the lift. One of the things that make your nose look beautiful is having the Philtrum ahead of the Ala when looking at the nose from the side. In this process, we inject the philtrum directly from above to bring it forward or raise it a bit. One of the advantages of this method is that the results are immediately seen after the process and if they wanted to change something, we can do that.

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