How To: Moisturize Your Lips With This Simple Trick

In this brief video, we will teach you how to make your own homemade lip scrub to treat dry lips.


Greeting everyone. I am Dorsa from and today I want to teach you how to make your very own homemade lip scrub to treat dryness.

It is common to experience dryness and cracking on your lips. It is hard to treat this issue and biting the skin off will only make it worse. I want to teach you how to make a natural scrub to remove a layer of dead skin off your lips and keep it moisturized. This scrub is easy to make and all you need is some honey and sugar.

Because of its enzymes, honey can act as a natural anti-oxidant. It will moisturize your skin and acts as a gentle scrub for your skin and lips. When combined with sugar, the grains will help with the scrubbing process and will help remove the dead skin cells and flakes from your lips better.

Mix a bit of sugar with some honey. I will use my hand to apply the mask to my face. You can use a brush to do it as well. Apply a bit of the material on your lips. Let the material remain on your lips for five minutes and then massage your lips gently with your finger to remove the flakes from your lips and then rinse.

You can use this mask every day as long as your lips are dry. I hope you use this mask and enjoy the effects. Until next time, goodbye.

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