How To: Scalp Micro-Pigmentation Tutorial

Hair loss is a problem that’s present in life of many, and can be quite frustrating. Even though there are several ways in which you can treat this issue, most of them are unreasonably expensive, and might not have successful results. There’s the option of scalp micropigmentation, a relatively new procedure that can solve many different hair loss problems.
To get started, the hairline is first mapped out based on the client’s wish and their face shape. Note that as this kind of treatment is carried out within three sessions, therefore in the first session, we may not need to move the hairline too near the forehead. However, we can do it step by step during the touch-up sessions.
In order to fully understand the scalp micropigmentation (SMP) process, take a look at the following guide tutorial.


Hello good day everyone, today We're here with Mr Karimi who has referred to us to get a scalp micropigmentation for hair growth. Well, You're very welcomed Mr Karimi, could you tell us what brings you here and what made you choose this scalp treatment method?
Hello thanks for your time, Actually, I've been losing hair seriously for four years and now I'm 25 years old. I've tried many stuff such as some shots and medicines like Minoxidil, but none of them has worked. I went to doc to get a hair transplantation but I wasn't allowed to receive that treatment due to my low age. Until I came across some of your works and noticed that It's the scalp micropigmentation treatment. after I further asked around about this method, I finally decided to come in here to get this scalp treatment.

Well, this client has had the most common hair loss men usually have which is receding hairline from the temples. His hair has not become too sparse on the crown part of his head, It's getting kind of shaggy there. However, there's still a fair texture of hair on his head. So after mapping out the hairline, we'll both fill the empty spots near the temples. and go over the wispy parts further back on his head. This way we can make a quite uniform look by working on the sides and the crown where the most hair loss has occurred and are the most sparse parts of his head. now I'll go for mapping out the hairline based on his face shape and his own opinion. well, I've done the mapping out. and as I already said, there's been less hair loss on the crown part.

In the first session we'll try not to move too far on the head for the hairline. bearing in mind that scalp treatments are usually carried out within 3 sessions, we don't need to move the hairline so far from the crown in the first session. We may do that gradually within the touch-up sessions. so for this client, based on his face shape, we've moved the hairline as far as it's necessary for the first session. and for a head of this shape, we'd better put the line on the front part at a sharper inclination. This way It will better suit this shape of head. well now I'll get started to do the treatment. well, we're done now, I've completed the hairline. now I want you to take a look at it in the mirror yourself and tell us what you think. It looks amazing!. Congratulations!

- I really appreciate.
!- You're welcome!. What I did here was move the hairline forward by about 2 cm to the area where there was almost no hair. and just made the sparse areas look the same as the thick parts on the sides. as you see the delicacy of our work, the front hairline looks fairly similar to natural hair. well, we've successfully done the scalp mp treatment for this client, I hope he is satisfied with what he received. I think it really suits him. So if you'd like to receive this scalp treatment, you can reserve an appointment for consultation through our Whatsapp or Telegram number. Good luck.

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