How To: Tattoo Q-switch Laser Removal

A Q-switched laser is the only technology that is able to penetrate down to the dermis and shatter tattoo ink without causing damage to the surrounding skin tissue. All other methods either aren't capable of reaching and destroying the ink or cause too much damage to the skin, resulting in scarring.


Hello everyone, this is Faeze jafari, the founder of Afa beauty parlour. which for years, has offered cosmetic services and treatments for issues related to the skin. well, as you may know, in this beauty salon we strictly adhere to proper and step-by-step application of every single treatment protocols. and clients' satisfaction is our major motto. therefore in order to achieve this pivotal purpose, we make use of the most state-of-the-art equipment in the interest of the clients' safety. in addition, we have a well-trained group of technicians which has also been of great help for us to make sure our safety standards are best observed. it's common knowledge that laser technologies have been developed to be used as a proper alternative to invasive surgeries which often come with some rather irritating side-effects. in a nutshell, we employ the most modern laser treatments which are a lot helpful as they use the latest technology in the treatment process. If it were otherwise, it could be greatly harmful to your health. Today, we're gonna be discussing the Q-switched laser. as you might have seen in the previous items, the Q-switched laser was developed with the aim of eliminating colour pigments.

Which is able to combat any skin issues and flaws, breaking them into tinier pieces which will then be discharged out through some body mechanisms. however, you may have faced some questions as whether or not this laser is effective in eliminating all sorts of colour pigments. to answer this question I must say that lasers are able to affect a certain range of pigments, while there are some sorts that must be first defined for the laser system before it can identify and eliminate them. it's noteworthy that we apply different methods here to enable the laser to identify various shades of colour and eliminate them. If the tattoo you wish to remove is dark smokey in colour, the laser will have no trouble detecting the colour and it can be totally removed within two or three sessions. but the problem occurs when it comes to removing brightly colourful tattoos by lasers. in this case we usually have to use a different method to detect and remove tattoos of theses types. an example is tattoos of delicate orange colour which are commonly worn nowadays by many, the thing is at the fist glace it looks almost impossible to remove. These tattoos in fact must be first made detectable for the laser system to notice and act upon. another example for tattoos that may cause detection problems is those of beige colour which used to seem impossible to remove until recently. however we won't recommend laser technology for removal of this type either. the good news is that we've figured out some techniques for removal of beige and orange tattoos. We will first diminish the intensity of the tattoo and once it's become way less concentrated, the laser is used to complete the removal.

In fact what we do here is an integration of laser treatment with colour-absorbing materials. when combined together, these two treatment methods can much come in handy, this way you won't have to worry about removing your tattoos. it means regardless of what sort of tattoos you have, we are able to remove it using this technique which can also be applied to treat all other skin issues. the procedure we follow is that when a client comes in having various sorts of tattoos in different colours on their skin, for instance on their lids or bows skin. first we analyse whether this colour is removable via lasers or it needs some other technique to be remmoved. For this purpose, we do some tests here to find out about this issue
but in most cases we can decide, based on previous experiences and the clients' skin tone, what the best removal method would be for the clients to get what they want within the least time and budget.

Within the clients' first visit session, we will conclude if the laser treatment will suffice or not. in up to 90% cases, we can tell the laser treatment will do good on its own. while in some rare cases, those who have had several tattoos in their brows in particular. it's usually in the second or third session that we can determine if we need to use colour-absorbing material or to use the laser alone. there are also some cases where in the first session we can decide if treatment using these materials are necessary. This is why we say you should leave it for us to decide and follow the specific tattoo removal procedures which best fit your skin conditions. so you must stop making a big deal about removing beige coloured tattoos for ever from now on. and here we make it possible for you to achieve the best result in a both time and cost effective way. hope we can soon see you in person in our treatment center if you are one of those suffering from this irritating issue. to make appointments and receive more information, feel free to contact us through the provided phone numbers.

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