Nail Makeup Step-by-Step

In this tutorial, we’re going to show you a nail makeup. This type of makeup is suitable for people who would like to augment their nails using products and nail tips. This video is provided by Viona Beauty Academy. If you’re interested in joining our classes, please contact us at 77439936.


Greetings. I’m Akbari from Viona Beauty Academy and I’m here with a tutorial on Nail Makeup.

Use a scrub number 100 to scrub the nail. This should only remove the shine. Choose the right tip size. Add glue to the end of the tip and stick it to the nail. Wait for the glue to dry. Cut the tip to the preferred size. Scrub the nail to get rid of tip line on the nail. Use an electric scrub to get rid of the cuticles around the nail. Use a nipper to cut the extra skin or cuticle from the nail.

Add anti-fungus and then a primer. Start adding the peach colored powder from the middle of the nail. Cover the surface of the nail with the product. Wait five minutes for the products to dry. Use an electric scrub to cut below the line of the tip and the nail. Add some primer to the tip. Add some white powder on the tip. Wait for the product to dry off. Start scrubbing the nail with a scrub number 150 until we reach our desired look. Use an electric scrub to smooth the surface of the nail. Again, add some primer. Add crystal powder on the surface. Scrub the nail using scrub number 150.

Buff the nail. Clean the nail. Add some cover gel and put under UV light for two minutes.

As you can see, our work is done here. I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. If you’d like to join our classes at Viona beauty Academy, please contact us using the numbers in the description.

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