How To: Easy Eyelash Lift

Eyelash extension comes in various different types including 3D, volume, classic and a lot more. However, you must consider your eyes and face shape before deciding which one to wear.
On the other hand, eyelash lift is another more convenient and safer way to add fullness to lashes, moreover, it’s not associated with any damage to natural lash.
We do suggest referring to Ms. Alizade, who is an expert in this field, to receive any kind of service or assistance.


Hello everyone, I'm Farzaneh Alizade, an eyelash &. eyebrow care expert. specializing in eyebrow lifting and eyelash extension using the latest ongoing methods around the world. in this tutorial, I'm gonna show you an eyelash lifting item, so stay tuned. well guys, we're about to perform an eyelash lifting for this client. I'll try to give you as many tips as I can and I hope you'll find it interesting and useful. in the first place, It's very crucial to choose the right bigoudi based on the client's eyelash size. don't forget to put pads underneath the eyes, I use these collagen pads which are really good. apply adhesive gel to the back of the bigoudi and stick it to the upper lid.

Do the same for the other eye too. apply some gel to the bigoudi's surface and start lying back the lashes on it from the outer corner. Then, do exactly the same for the other eye, start from the outer corner and lie back all lashes on the bigoudi. once you're done with lying the lashes back, start applying the lifting material. apply and spread the lifting material number 1 on both bigoudis. Then you should give it ten to twenty minutes to remain on the lashes. well, we've waited enough here, now I'll wipe off the material to prepare the lashes for the next step.

Now it comes to applying the material number 2. Then leave it on. well, we're done with this eyelash lifting item. you can see how beautiful and attractive it has become. to learn more about our instruction courses,please visit our page in Instagram: farzanehalizade_academy. you can receive any kind of assistance you like there. by the way, you can contact us through the available phone numbers. Thanks a lot for watching, I hope we can come up with more useful items in the subsequent tutorials. See you all later.

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