Keratin Lash Lift

In this tutorial, we are going to talk about Keratin Lash Lift.


Hello, I’m Lili Hamidi from Noghre Negar beauty institute and today we are going to talk about Keratin Lash Lift.

Keratin lash lift is a remedial procedure which will enhance and fortify your eyelashes, also making them look darker and help them grow longer. Keratin lash lift will also make your eyelashes take form from the base up.

A set of organic material is used as a formula for this procedure which are Keratin, Protein, and Vitamin complexes. This procedure is suitable for people who have long but unexpressive eyelashes.

A Keratin lash lift durability is from one to two months and doesn’t need to be restored during this time.

Keep your eyelashes dry for 12 hours and after that, there’s no special care required. I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. Goodbye.

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