How To: Wet Manicure

In this brief video, we will show you a manicure process. This video was provided by Kimia Beauty Salon. To join our classes, please contact us at .


Greetings. I am Leila Bakhshande. I am an expert manicurist from Kimia Beauty Salon. Today I want to show you a manicure process. Please stay with us.

The first step during a manicure is to scrub the nails. How you scrub the nails and the style depends on what the client prefers and suits her better. We scrub the nails at this point because after putting the hands inside the bowl, the nails will get softer and therefore harder to form. For the next step, we apply some hands scrubbing cream to the hands.

Scrub therapy removes dead skin cells from the hands, will sooth your skin, and give you a healthy and soft skin. Scrub therapy takes around ten to fifteen minutes. I ask my client to put her hands inside the bowl to soften the cuticles and after we can remove them. While the client has her hands inside the bowl,
We will add some sea salt and flowers to the water, which has a calming effect. Let the hand remain inside the bowl for ten to fifteen minutes.

Next, remove the hands from the bowl and start pushing back the cuticles using a pusher. Now remove the dead skin cells. Now we can buff the nails to smooth the surface and remove any lines or scratches. Now polish the nails, which will make the nails look brighter and shiny. In the end, we can either apply nail polish if that is what the client likes, or we can just apply manicure oil. Message the fingers a little to help absorb the oil. Finally, apply hand lotion.

This concludes our manicure process. I hope you have enjoyed this video. To join our classes, or to order our services, please contact us at the numbers provided in the description.

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