How To: Classic or Wet Manicure

In this brief tutorial, we try to show a wet manicure step by step. This video is provided by Viona Beauty Academy. To participate in our nail design and implant classes, please contact us at 09356000743 or 02177431560.


Greetings. Today we’re here with a tutorial on wet manicure from Viona Beauty Academy.

First, use a scrub on the nail to get the preferred form. In the next stage of the work, put the fingers in a bowl of lukewarm water mixed with soap or softening product for six minutes. Dry the nails and use a pusher to move the cuticles away. Use a nipper to remove the extra tissue from the nails.

To polish the nails, use the harder side of the polish first and the softer side. Use the polish with a back and forth movement. Use a layering cream or scrub on the hand and start massaging. Wash the hands and then add some moisturizer.

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