Eyeliner Micro-pigmentation FAQ

In this brief tutorial, you’re going to watch how a perfect eyeliner pigmentation is applied using PM products. To order PM products, contact us at and for a quote on our reseller values contact .


Greetings. I’m Shaygan. Today I want to answer a few frequently asked questions about Micro-pigmentation. These questions mainly concern the loss of color or pigment after the eyeliner pigmentation. Why do the colors change and why they disappear. In the previous tutorials, we have talked about hand pressure, and the angle of the hand while working with the cartridge, but aside from these facts, using a high-quality product also has a major effect on the outcome of the process. In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how using a high-quality product can minimize problems with Miro-pigmentation.

The PM brand of Micro-pigmentationcolor contains a powerful and high density formula. This helps you get the proper result with the minimum amount of time and product. In this tutorial, you can see how I perform an eyeliner pigmentation in under five minutes and with less than a drop of pigmentation material.

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