How To: 3D Eyelashes

In this brief tutorial, different types of eyelash extension techniques and their differences are explained. Also, a complete process of adding volume eyelashes, also known as 3D eyelashes, to a model’s eye is provided.


To add volume eyelash start from the outer edge of the eye. Add glue to the eyelash and connect them to the root of the eyelash line. The type of eyelashes differs based on the client’s eye, eyelash and how they want to look. The same is true about their size.

This process can be done either permanently or temporary. In a permanent process, the amount and type of the glue we use are very important. This type of cosmetic process is very different from the eyelash extension.

To choose the right size for your eyelash, short, medium or long, first, you have to decide what you plan to do with the eyes. If the point is to make the eyes look longer, then add the eyelashes starting with short, then medium and last long, from the inside edge of the eye to the end of the eyelash line. But if the eyes are linear and we want to make them look round,
We can add short lashes on both ends of the eyes and add long or medium-sized lashes in the middle. So, if the eyelashes on the sides are short, the middle should be medium size and if the sides are medium, then the middles should be extended with long lashes.

Volume or 3D eyelashes are available in different sizes and types. The lashes can be thin and small or thick. Each connected batch can also include more or fewer numbers of hair. If the point is to use this method as an eyemakeup technique,
Then we can add the same type of eyelashes on the lower eyelash line also. It's better to use knotless eyelashes. The number of eyelashes you add is very important. Be very careful not to add too much glue to the eyelash, otherwise, it will make the eyelashes look thick.

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