How To: Reverse Ombre Dye

In this tutorial, you’ll learn more about a technique called reversed Ombre using Val var products. To order Val var products, please contact us at 02188850226 and to join our classes, please contact us at 09375145783.


Greetings. I’m Anousha Shafi’e. Today I’m here with another hair formula technique using Val var material. In the previous years, I talked to you about different highlighting techniques, which we know as Ombre. Recently there’s a newer technique becoming popular knows as a reverse highlight. In this highlight, the hair gets darker the closer to the stem we get. We can use a spectrum of colors to achieve our goal. Remember that our client’s hair must be either light or bleached.

We separated a layer of hair in a curved shape. To make sure you've accounted for symmetry, stand in the back of the head of your client and hold the hair layer in a ninety-degree angle and check to make sure the two layers of hair you’ve separated in the back are completely aligned. Since the width of the back of the hair is limited, you can separate the hair in the back in a single layer and then tease it a bit. How much you tease the hair depends on where the client wants the highlight to end. If they want it closer to the root then you tease the hair a little higher and if they want it lower on the layer,
Then you tease the hair lower.

Tease the hair and start applying your product. We usually use fantasy colors coupled with oxidant for this type of dye. We can go with a color like 5.0 or 6.0 with less oxidant for the upper layer of hair and for the lower part and.
We can use the standard amount of oxidant as stated by the company. This way, the higher part of the hair the dye is darker, and on the lower part, it’s lighter. We can do it the other way around by making the upper part lighter by using more oxidant, and the lower part darker, which depends on what the client is asking for. I’m going to use color number 5.0 and if the client wants the end of the layer to get darker,
We can apply a bit less oxidant for that area and a little more for the higher part. However, you change the oxidant levels in your mix, the hair will get lighter or darker.

As you can see, I’ve made two different formula mixes in my bowl. One of them contains less oxidant and the other one more, which makes it more diluted. I’m using a palette to help me with applying the product. Apply the more diluted product using your brush and fade the lines using the side of the brush. Remember, fading the lines is very important otherwise, you’ll see lines on the hair after you brush the hair.

As you can see, we’ve applied our material to the hair. The product is more diluted in the upper layer of the hair and denser on the lower part. Use your hand and fingers to fade the material you’ve applied on the hair and do the same on the top as well. If your client prefers to highlight all her hair the same way, then you have to do the same for the next layers as well. However, if your client prefers to have some hair without highlights,
Then leave the next layer without a highlight and jump to the next one. We put the layer we worked on between a foam wrap. Now let’s leave the next layer without a highlight and leave it aside.

Now choose the next highlight and use the same method to apply the material to it. Try to choose the layers in V shapes or curves. Again, make sure the hair is separated in a straight line, then separate the layer into two parts, and then start teasing one. Tease this layer exactly from the point where you did on the previous layer. We’ll apply the product to all the layers of hair the same way until we reach the front of the head. For around the ears, we can use horizontal or diagonal layers and use the same technique to apply the material whereas you apply a more diluted mix in the middle of the layer and a mix with more potency at the end of it.

Wait for forty-five minutes before rinsing the hair. You have to give the material this amount of time because fantasy colors take longer to stabilize in the hair and have more durability. After rinsing the hair, you could use Val var’s conditioner, which has an amazing scent to close the hair cuticles to prevent the dye from fading after a shower. The technique I talked about in this video, is a new technique. You don’t always have to move from dark to light, sometimes you can move from light shades to dark shades as well. Remember that there are many names for each technique and you should be able to use the right technique for what the client wants to achieve without relying on names. Therefore, if you ever hear something called light to dark or reversed Ombre, they are probably talking about this technique.

New techniques and high-quality brands such as Val var can help you achieve your goals faster and more efficiently. We will soon have new surprises for you from Shaygan-Shokooh Company and I assure you that even a single purchase of our products will make you a devoted fan. Even now, some of my most seasoned colleagues use these products in their work. I hope you have enjoyed these tutorials and that they have been useful for you. Goodbye.

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