How To: Attaching Individual False Lashes

In this tutorial, we teach you how to attach individual false lashes. This tutorial was provided by


Greetings. I am Dorsa from Today I want to show you how to attach individual false lashes. Before attaching the false lashes, you can curl your eyelashes, apply eyeshadow, apply some mascara, and then attach the false lashes.

In order to detach the false lashes from the package, fold the tip of the container, use your thumb and palm of your hand to pull the false lashes off the container and then put them on the back of your hand. You can then use a pincer and glue to attach them to the eyelashes.

To attach the false lashes, I put some glue on this container and picked up a pincer. Let’s start with longer eyelashes on the corner of my eyes. Pick the false lashes with the pincer, smear it in some glue, remove the excess, and then attach it exactly on the root of the eyelash. Just be careful to attach the individual false lashes on the root of the natural eyelash and not the tissue because it can cause a space between the eyelashes and detach after a few hours.

I attached a few of the longer false lashes to the end of my own lash line. You can change the number of the false lashes you attach to this area based on how you want your eyes to look. The more you move to the inner edge of the eye, the length of the false lashes should decrease. I will use a smaller size for the middle of the eyelash and the smallest size for the inner edge of the lash line. I attached the individual false lashes to both eyes. As I said before, I started with long false lashes on the outer edge of the eyes and then move to the smaller ones as I moved toward the inner edge.

You can change the number of false lashes you apply based on your preference and how much volume you want to add to your eyelashes or even use two series of false lashes. If you want to make it lighter, you can attach one layer of false lashes with a little space between them. I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. Until next time, goodbye.

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