How To: Apply Lipstick Tutorial

Nowadays, most women are looking to have plump and fleshy-looking lips. In this tutorial, you will learn some tips to make your lips look bigger and how to use the lipsticks properly. This tutorial offers tips on how to:
1- Use the lip liner pencil
2- Put shading with pencil
3- Fade the lip liner shading
4- Use dark and light brushes for the entire lip
5- Apply lip gloss


Hello to every one of you followers of Rojelab website, Today we're gonna show you how to make lips look plumper. so keep watching us. one easy way to have plump lips is using the lip liner. it puts thick lines on the outline of the lips and makes them look bigger. I'll start from the lower lip. there's a tiny shadow below some lips, if we darken that shadow, it makes the lip look bigger. put the line around the bow part of the lip to give it a shadow effect. Then extend the line to the corners of the lip. touch the pencil gently on the lip to put a quite light shadow on the border. continue drawing to the corners to add a stretched smiley effect to the lip. take a narrow tip lip brush to fade away the contoured lines. repeat the previous steps on both lips, particularly the upper one. use the brush to spread a bit of the lipstick you're gonna use on the lips. try to pick a lipstick which is in a colour similar to the eye liner.

Pick a thinner brush to complete the corners, for the corners, by the way, try to pick a lipstick darker than the previous one. in the last step, apply the lip gloss. Don't forget to share your views of this tutorial with us.

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