How To: Eyebrow Shading Micro-Pigmentation

In this tutorial, you will learn more about eyebrows shading using micro-pigmentation techniques. This tutorial was provided by Mrs. Shaghayegh Ghanbari. To join our classes, please contact us at 09125958369, 02126765475


Greetings. I’m Shaghayegh Ghanbari. I’m a pigmentation artist and instructor. Today I want to talk to you about eyebrow shading.

Shading is a way to fill the empty spaces between your eyebrow hairs. It’s mostly useful for people who have a low volume of hair in their eyebrows and want to fill the space without having a frame around their eyebrows. In an eyebrow shading process, the density of pigmentation is always higher at the tail of the eyebrows and the shades get lighter closer to the crown you get.

If you want a unified fill across the eyebrows, you can move your hand back and forth while using the pigmentation device, but here we don’t do that and instead just touch the eyebrow with the pigmentation device moving forward and the pigmentation is not unified across the eyebrows. You can do this process using a micro-pigmentation device or a micro-blading pen. However, we are using a micro-pigmentation device for this process today.

You can do this process in different ways. You can create dots on the eyebrows or you can touch the eyebrows and move your hand forward. We are just touching the skin and moving forward. The difference between this type of tattoo and traditional ones is that during a traditional tattoo the speed of the device is high while the hand moves slow across the eyebrows. Here we decrease the speed of the device as much as possible while the hand movement is much faster.

When you use the micro-pigmentation device on the eyebrows, the process stimulates the hair follicles and if they are healthy,
This stimulation can increase hair growth. Therefore, this process can even be seen as a treatment for low hair volume and growth in the eyebrows. To choose our color mixture, we have to pay attention to the skin type and the natural skin pigmentation. If you are performing the process for someone without any prior tattoo or pigmentation history on the eyebrows, you have to decide the color based on the natural pigments of the skin. However, if the client has had a prior pigmentation process,
Then you have to choose the color based on the current state of the pigmentation of the area.

There are a few things you have to do at home. You should avoid moisture for at least three days. A moisturized area is a good environment for microbes and bacteria to grow and you have to keep the area dry to prevent any infection. You should use special ointments for the duration of three days. This is of course only if you feel your skin is dry and tight. Avoid going to steam rooms, tanning salons, and pools for a week. After the end of the third or fourth week, you can return for a restoration session.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. I hope to meet you all soon in our classes.

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