How To: Layering Hair With A Cutter

In this brief tutorial, you will learn a simple layering technique using a hair cutter.


Greeting. I’m Maryam Ebrahimpour. I’m a hairstylist and formula expert and instructor. I’m here today with a haircut tutorial.

Let’s separate a part of the hair. I want to cut the hair layer by layer using a cutter. Pick the middle section of the layer and hold the hair in a ninety-degree angle. First, I decide on the length of the cut. The length depends on what the client wants. After deciding the length, I’ll cut the hair with a cutter at a ninety-degree angle. In order to shear the hair at the same time, twist the hair a couple of time before cutting it and then use the cutter.

I’ll separate the next layer like before and continue the cut the same way. I separated a layer of hair in the front starting from the arch of the eyebrow and we’re going to work on the hair left on the side. Hold the hair horizontally in a ninety-degree angle on the top of the ear and I’ll cut it the same way using a cutter. Now, this part of the hair is cut diagonally. To check the cut, hold the whole layer of hair above the ears in your hand and hold it close to the face and if I notice any part of the hair is left uncut I can cut it diagonally again.

I’ll do the same on for the hair on the side. I’ll separate another part of hair from the side and cut it the same way. Now the only part that remains is the crown of the head and bangs. Separate a part of the hair. First, let’s measure the length of the cut. After separating the hair, measure it and cut it based on what the client prefers. We’ll just cut the tips a bit here. Now let’s separate the remaining layer on the top. Pull the layer of hair forward. Twist the hair like before, hold it in a ninety-degree angle and use your cutter to cut the hair. Now I’ve pulled the whole layer forward. Brush the hair to the side and check the cut to see if there’s any place, which needs to be cut again.

This haircut tutorial is now over. I hope you have enjoyed it. To join our classes, please contact us at the numbers provided in the description. Until next time, goodbye.

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