How to Use Valvar Decolorante on Your Hair

In the video from Rojelab series, you'll see how you can work with Valvar Decolorante. To attend Ostoureh Color and Mesh Institute's classes on working with hairdressing materials at .


Hello everyone, today we have a client who has damaged hair cuticles, but we want to color and ombré her hair. We are going to use Valvar deco cream to reduce the damages.

We start with Valvar deco cream and oxidant number 1. I'll share the steps with you.

Dear friends, as you see we applied deco cream on client's hair shaft. The hair seems not to tauten even though we have applied deco cream about half an hour ago.

The hairs were bleached before but they were damaged. We worked with oxidation number 1 but it is not necessary to use strong oxidant or use powder on it.

When your hair cuticles are damaged, it is better to use Valvar deco cream. This cream will not produce any vapor or leakage and it doesn't cause any irritation. Plus, as you see you just need less time to get a result.

It is better not to have any contact with the skin of your hands. but if it fails, it won't cause any irritation. the ingredients used to produce this product will not let your hair burn, and won't cause any other damage.

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