Learning to Erase The Eyeliner's Tattoo

In this video, Ms. Dina Taghavi, a professional pigmentation artiste, teaches you how to use Organic Remorer to clean the eyeliner's tattoo. To participate in the Micro-Pigmentation training classes and services, tattoo removal at any of our branches Call 09195256779.


Hi, this is Dina Taghavi.

Pigmentation artist and expert in permanent make-up and remove with completely organic materials.

Today, I would like to talk about how to remove the permanent makeup by organic materials
although I had talked about it before about the benefits and the safety of using organic remover,
This method of removing which I use inside the country, is based on updated and new courses in the world
It is the only removing method which has not been popular inside the country and it is really safe.

This method has the distinction with the previous method
it removes the redness of lasers effects, skin issues, color spreading on the skin completely and not only it do not hurt the hair of eyebrows but also it improves the folicle and even we can easily remove the parts of old tattoos which are on the body
many of the people want to remove their old tattoos, so this method is really great
another good point is that this method works well on removing the parts of color spreading and shadows on the skin of eyelid
bad color eyeliner which can be beige.

This color influences the depth of the skin layers and it is the result of old methods of tattoos.

With this new method, they ca be removed completely
Pigment Off is the newest method that I use novadays.

I use this method in centers we have in Multiple cities
all the process is done by expert teams of permanent makeup artists and they are under certification of
international medical Turin of Italy, it means that you can easily trust and use this method
you can feel relieved and use this method without any skin side effects or issues.

Before starting we prepare a disposable cartridge which we show it to the customer and after we are assured of the health and hygiene, we start.

For removing the eyeliners that look like this, you see the colors are spreaded on the eyelid.

We remove it in three sessions and we start from the end part of the eyeliner
I mean the highest part of the eyelid and each session we get near the eyelashes to remove it completely
basically, to remove eyeliner, you need one to three sessions with this method.

And each session can be done after 2 and half months
at the end, we use aftercare of this remover.

We apply it on the part we worked on.

The customer needs to apply this aftercare for three days.

Another aftercare is given to her and it needs to be used after shower.

She should apply it a month or a month and half.

The aftercare is needed for recovering the skin, removing inflammation, and redness.

And it also improves collagen production.

This remover is very safe, do not worry about any scars, hurt of follicles, or color remainings.

The redness you see now takes two days to be healed.

It is because of the skin inflammation.

It will be removed soon.

Dears, please pay attention, the remover which I used is the only remover that can be uses to heal the scars of lasers.

If you use this remover for eyebrows it will not harm them but it improves the root of the hair in the eyebrows
it will take much time because the materials are organic, and they should be repeatedly applied
but at the end you will get a better result.

I hope you have enjoyed this video.

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