How To: Removing Orange & Green Color From Hair

In this brief tutorial, you will learn how to remove green and orange background colors from hair. This video is provided by Mrs. Nazanin Jafari.


Greetings. I’m Nazanin Jafari. I’m a hair and makeup expert and instructor. Today I want to talk to you about removing green and orange background colors from hair. We want to talk about neutralizing these colors and the neutralizers you can use to remove them.

You have a client with hair with an orange background color who doesn’t want this color on their hair. We should use gray and ash colors to remove this orange background color. You should know, if you use natural colors like chocolate or other warm colors on this type of hair, the orange would increase. Therefore, we will use cold colors such as gray, ash, and olive colors to help neutralize this background.

You have a client with a green background color on their hair. They come you requesting to have this background color neutralized. You have to use a chemical shampoo and rinse the hair to remove the green from the hair and then use natural and warm colors. This will neutralize the green completely and will result in a beautiful dye.

Thank you for watching. This concludes our tutorial. Until next time, goodbye.

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