How To: Introduction To Pigment Off Remover

So far numerous questions and ambiguities have been at the forefront of people’s mind about removing eye tattoos. Ms Dina Taghavi will come up with some ideas in the video below.
What exactly differentiates the Pigment Off Remover from other types such as Rejuvi?

The answer is although Rejuvi is capable of a good removing power, but if we take into account the safety and organic structure, it won’t be comparable to Pigment Off Remover. Pigment Off fully complies with the health standards and has no limitation in eye make-up removing.
Even breast feeding and pregnant women are allowed to use this material as well as the diabetic patients, so it verifies the high safety of this products. This is also able to remove deep and long-standing tattoos in the skin.

To learn more about this product click on the video below.


Hello everyone, I'm Dina Taghavi. A pigmentation and permanent make-up expert. and also I have an specialty in working with organic material. Following your numerous requests and questions for me. In this video,I'll answer all your questions regarding the organic pigment off remover product. First many of you wanted to know . the difference between this product and other available types including the Rejuvi remover. and to know if I work with this material or not. I need to inform you that. Although Rejuvi has a good removing power, but it's not comparable to that of Pigment Off remover. because the Pigment Off is fully organic safe remover. and is already approved by medicine certificate. and also it has no limitation in eye make-up removing. and it won't cause any dermal problem. and if the post-treatment care is properly taken, the skin will return to its initial condition. even breastfeeding and pregnant women can also take advantage of this remover. diabetic patients are allowed to use the product if confirmed by their physician.

Moreover, this product was rated 7 to 10 in the global brands. which means it's fully safe and organic. while other removers such as Rejuvi. are rated from 14 to 15. and from the scientific point of view. This remover is able work easily even on beige colour. those who have had a laser operation and have red spots on the skin for any reason. may be able to use this product to remove the redness of that area. Furthermore, keep in mind that. This material has no limitation in removing tattoos on the skin. particularly the deep and long-standing tattoos. you also wanted to know if there is any agent in the country which you could receive the services from. For this I must say that. currently there's no direct agency for this brand in the country. It's a typically German brand.

And currently I'm the only one to provide these services in the country. but I'll recommend to you the artists who have been instructed in my classes. cause all of them have successfully completed training courses under my supervision. so you don't need to worry about their skills and abilities. we'll announce it soon on the Rojelab website. so you can use the services given by them. But if there's still any question in this field, feel free to raise it and I'll answer them all in the next videos. I'm really grateful to you for watching us here, Good luck.

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