Introducing PM Pigmentation Package

In this brief video, we want to introduce a great pigmentation package by PM. If you’re interested in ordering this product please call and if you’re looking to become a reseller, please contact .


Today we want to introduce the PM pigmentations package. Inside each package, you’ll find six of the most well-known pigmentation colors. These pigmentation colors come in ten milliliter containers. They are approved by the FDA, and the extra pigments help reach your desired effects with the least amount of product used.

Inside each package, there’s also a designing pen. This will help you use an organic material to design the outline of the eyebrow. There’s also a washing serum to use during the pigmentation process. Because of the natural salts inside this washing liquid, it can help reduce irritation and help with skin regeneration and healing.

A restoration liquid is also included inside the package to be used during the after-care procedures. This restoration serum will increase the pigment's life-time.

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