How To: Natural Eyebrow Shading

We’re going to look at a combination of microblading and shading done as a way to get a more natural looking eyebrow. If you like to know about the latest pigmentation methods, please contact us by dialing 09121962430.


Greetings. I’m Faezeh Jafari, from Faezeh Jafari institute. Today I have a client here who has had pigmentation work done on her eyebrow before. Since she’s not happy with the result, we’re going to show you how we might go about changing it a little using microblading and shading.

It’s important to remember that if you move your hand on the eyebrow with the direction of hair growth, then you’ll get a better and more natural result. From the start of the crown up until halfway through the eyebrow, you can see that the hair grows upward. Almost one-fourth of the eyebrow is like that. At the end of the eyebrow, however, the hair usually grows downward. We have to cut the end of the eyebrow and move it up a little. Also because the eyebrow is naturally thick, we’ll have to add a little to this same part to create more balance with the overall shape of the brow.

Most of the issues I see with shading or microblading occur because either the previous work was done with improper pressure or because they didn’t pull the skin around the brow for a better pigmentation. This causes the pigmentation to be dark on some parts and lighter on some others. Therefore, a balanced pressure and proper style while pigmenting are of crucial importance in this process. Remember that for people with eyebrows closer to the eyes, it’s better to perform the bulk of the pigmentation on the upper half of the eyebrow. This could be viewed as a form of eyebrow lift.

To make our pigmentation look more natural, I’m going to use a micro blade. As I’ve said in previous videos, using a microblade is tougher to use and requires a certain amount of experience. On the other hand, it will result in a better pigmentation. You must know exactly how much pressure is required to not damage the skin.

Here, by combining microblading with shading, we’ve added some volume to the outer edge of the eyebrow and created symmetry between the crown and the tail of the brow. To do this you use a shading blade and then use a microblading cartridge. Let the color stay on the eyebrow for fifteen minutes and then wipe it off. Then you’ll have to proceed with another round of shading.

I’ve already done the first two micro pigmentation rounds and waited for fifteen minutes before cleaning the product from the eyebrow. Now I’m going to work on some parts to complete the process.

This is the end of this tutorial. If you’re interested in our classes or want to know how you can join, please contact us using the numbers provided below. I hope to see you all soon.

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