Introducing PM Pigmentation Package

In this tutorial, you will learn all about PM’s micro-pigmentation package. To order our products contact us at , and to consult us about acquiring a reseller position, contact us at .


Today we want to talk about PM’s micro-pigmentation package. Each package contains six especial colors, which are the most up-to date, and famous colors from this company. These 10-millimeter colors contain FDA approved color pigments.

Since these colors contain extra pigments, the least amount can give you the best results. Beside the colors, each package contains one drawing pencil. These pencils are perfect for designing the eyebrows before the pigmentation process using an organic product. This package also contains a washing serum to use during the operation. Because of the minerals that exist in this serum, it can help the tissue heal faster and reduce irritation. The package also contains a recovery solution to be used for care and maintenance of the tissue after the operation. This solution can help maintain and increase the durability of the pigmentation.

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