How To: Lip Filler Injection

In this brief tutorial, you will see a Lip Filler Injection process in action. This video was provided by Mrs. Faeze Jafari. To book our services, please contact us at 09121962430.


Greetings. Today we’re here with an item on Lip Filler Injection. My client has gone through a lip filler injection before and today is the second time she goes through the process.

We won’t work on the lower lip. We’re going to work on the upper lip only for cosmetic reasons. To form the upper lip, we usually work on the vermillion border section, which is the line you see here. This is especially good for people with a puffy form on the upper lip. This will make the lips take a more unified form and will hide the inflated look on the upper lip. This part is called a cupid’s bow, which is the V shape on the upper lip. It gives the lips a beautiful shape.

You can clearly see the difference between the two sides. Here I rather inject the Philtrum slightly as well. Philtrum is the line on the side of the cupid’s bow going up to the nose which can make the lips look more prominent.

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