How To: Ombre Highlight For Dark Hair

In this tutorial, we will show you how to apply Ombre on dark hair. This tutorial was provided by Matin Rooyan Beauty Institute.


Greetings. I am Tajer. I am here from Matin Rooyan Beauty Institute with an Ombre highlight tutorial.

I have separated the hair into four parts like this'
I will start here and separate the sections in inverted V form. Separate the layers diagonally and not very thick. I want to use foam wraps for this process. We will apply the products like this.

Separate another diagonal layer of hair. Just apply the product on the surface of the hair. You do not have to apply any of the material below the hair layer. Apply the material across the whole hair when you reach the lower area of the hair layer. Apply enough material to the hair to cover the top and bottom of the layer completely. The material should be hard enough not to get all over the hair or leak.

I will use another method for this part of the hair so you can see. I will also separate this layer diagonally. Now tease the hair a little close to the root. Now we can apply the material. First, cover the lower area completely and then apply the material upward. Again, we only cover the surface of the hair. We will cover the next part similarly in a diagonal line and tease the root. You can apply your material like this. Then we can put the foam wrap under the hair and apply the material to the rest of the hair.

I have added some Olaplex to this layer but not the other one. I want you to see that it has some effect. After brushing, you can see how much effect it has on the hair. I just want to show you another method, which is even easier. Separate the hair like this. Hold the hair in your hand and use a blow dryer. As you can see, some of the hair falls down and then you can apply your material to the rest of the layer to get your highlight.

Put your foam wrap under the hair layer and apply the material. In this video, I covered three different methods for the same process. I hope you have enjoyed this video. At the end of the clip, I will show you the result. Until next time, goodbye.

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