How To: Apply Ombré to Black Hair

An ombré hair color is when your hair gradually blends from one color at the top to another towards the bottom. It comes from the French word that means “shadow” or “shade” and is one of the most popular ways to color your hair right now.
Dividing the hair will highly depend on the client’s taste as well as yours. Separate one thin section of hair and tease properly.
Apply some material to the specifically used paddle and place the section gently on it afterwards. After covering the whole section’s length with material, wrap it in a piece of foil. This ombré style requires a 20 minute pause for each hair section.
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Hello everyone, I'm Shima Mohammaszadeh, a Hair Beauty expert. Today I'm here with an Ombré colouring technique for black hair, so stay tuned. During this tutorial I'll be using Cdc GIMME BLONDE powder and Cdc Oxidant cream. As you see, I've got a 20 VOL 6% oxidant cream here. I do advise the beginners not to start with higher volume oxidants. so in case during the process for example, for any reason you accidentally forget to cover one section of the hair and it becomes different in colour base from the rest,. Then, only if you have used low VOl oxidants can you make up for it using higher VOL oxidants. but if you have used high VOL oxidants from the very beginning, you will have to instantly wash up the hair.

This will stress you out during the process or it might make a pause in the hair colour changing and the result might not be what you or the client expected. To begin, I picked a thin section from the back, how you should divide the sections will depend on the client's taste or the picture similar to which they'd like it to be. I'd like to do it using the teasing technique, as I already taught you in previous sessions, I'll take a thin section. put it between your thumb and index finger and hold it tight with your middle finger and go: one, two, three. I can also put a pin here to hold it fixed so that I can easily apply the material. like in previous sessions, I'm using this paddle which I can apply some material to, I'll now put the hair bunch on it.

And use my thumb to hold the paddle still. start applying the material to cover the entire bunch. while near the top part, be careful not to touch the teased part since it causes some spots to appear on hair which I'll have to remove at the end of the process. move the brush in tapping motion when you're near the top, so that I won't get the teased hair spoiled. In this step, I'm using a piece of foil to get maximum lightening for the hair. apply the material to the foil and fold it neatly. well, let's suppose now we have divided the whole hair into small bunches, teased them and wrapped them in foil after applying material. as in the usual procedure, I'll again use the timer, set it on 20 min. after this period I'll unfold the foil to see whether it needs more time to wait or it must be washed up.

I can decide which color blend to use based on the client's hair strength and the color base they want it to have. there are a few points to keep in mind regarding Ombré colouring technique which are:. separate bunches of hair to be as thick as 1 cm at most and try your best to avoid leaving mark lines on the hair. never start applying the material from the top of the section but start from a bit below the top so that you'll be able to fade it. In order to avoid leaving marks, you can place the section on the hair in a way that it's not the same width on the entire length. well, this tutorial has come to an end now. To join our classes or receive any hair treatment like dying, lightening and vitaminizing, please dial the phone numbers provided. Good luck.

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