How To: Apply Hair Tinsels

To get started, pick a few strands of hair and try to create a loop similar to the one you make when knotting a tie. Then cross the strands through the loop and pull it down to the scalp. Note that the more knots you make on the hair, the longer will the tinsel last.
After applying the tinsel, you can brush, curl or make a chignon with the hair without damaging the tinsels. Hair tinsels will usually last for one month.


Hello everyone, I'm Arezoo Shafiee, the director of Shafiee beauty salon. Today we're gonna show you a design technique for hair which uses hair tinsels. I hope you will find it useful. well, I'm here to show you how to apply hair tinsels. To get started, try to create a loop similar to that of a tie loop. grab as many strands of hair as the client needs. since there's a parting on this client's hair, we'll take 4-5 strands from the right side and 4-5 strands from the left. cross the hair strands through the loop and pull it down to the scalp just like when you're pulling a tie stripe. the more knots you make on the tinsels, the longer will they last on the hair. so try to make 4-5 knots on the tinsel. tinsels can last up to one month, you can brush them or iron them. and nothing happens to neither the hair nor the tinsels. If you wish to apply thick and full tinsels, you can divide a 2cm thick layer of hair and flip it to the right.

And apply the colourful tinsels in way that they appear between the ones in the previous layer. We can use the tinsels for lovely kids and even women who wish to decorate their hair. If they have blonde hair, the silver tinsels best fits and if they have red hair, the purple ones may be the best choice for hair design. you can even brush or babyliss the hair without causing any damage to the tinsels and they will last for one month. you can learn how to apply tinsels, plait, extensions, ribbon braiding and other decorative stuff such as rods in the Shafiee institute. I'll now flip the previous layer back in place on these colourful tinsels and if we even comb the hair, they will appear beside each other in different colours. while the knots we made on the hair are not visible at all. We can cut the tinsels to fit the hair if they have extra length. as I said, we can trim the extra length of the tinsels to fit the hair. I din't cut them till now so that you could see the tinsels clearly.

Very well pals, this tinsel tutorial is over now. you can enjoy watching all make-up techniques such as chignon, haircut or every other skill instructed by Shafiee institute experts on Rojelab website.

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