Eyeliner Micro-pigmentation Explained

In this tutorial, you can see the correct way to add eyeliners using the Micro-pigmentation technic. This video is provided by Mrs. Shafi’e.


Greetings. I’m Arezoo Shafi’I and today I’m here with yet another tutorial. This time we’re going to talk about eyeliner pigmentation.

Before starting, make sure to use sufficient anesthetics to numb the area and prepare the color. Hygiene is of utmost importance and all the used material should be sterile. Make sure to pigment the growth line of the eyelashes to the point. If it was required, you can move up from the eyelash line a little bit to get a thicker eyeliner. Remove the excess color. Clean the area you’re working on to improve visibility and pigment the correct areas.

Some people ask why black pigments change color very fast after the pigmentation and turn into green, blue or gray. Color quality plays an important role and how you mix the color is also important. You should mix your black color using a combination of other colors. This will help make the pigmentation permanent.

If the area of the pigmentation is close to the surface, you might realize the tattoo is gone after close to two weeks. The pigmentation must take place at the second layer of the skin. If you experience bruising around the eyelids after the pigmentation, it’s because the needle has reached deeper layers into the tissue and cut the arteriole. The bruise in the area might remain for years. Some people think the reason for the bruise is a color infusion, but these are local bruises and might be there for a long time. You should control the speed of the process. If you move too fast, you might cause bruises, and if you move too slowly, the anesthetic effect might be gone and the client might feel the needle penetrating the skin.

When we want to check our eyeliner, tell the client to hold his other eye closed using her hand. Because the anesthetic might enter the eye and cause discomfort. They will open their eye and you can check the eyeliner thoroughly. If the work is ideal, and every part has been pigmented, our work is over. If you decide to work on the lower eyelash, it’s better to work on it at the same time with the upper eyelid. Those of you who join our classes can see that eyeliner can be done in around ten minutes.

Here I’m going to work on the lower eyelash a bit. The lower eyelash takes about ten seconds to complete.

Our Micro-pigmentation process is over. I want to note that there’s no limit on the color you can use for this process. You can use dark colors like brown, dark blue or dark green based on the client’s preference and their natural skin and eyecolor. I hope to meet you all in our private classes soon.

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